Friday, July 23, 2010

Bloggin in the class room!

Hi All! I know that you're amazed right now,partly because of the title.Other than that,you're amazed that my blogpost entry has suddenly revive...again! Yes, you're not hallucinating,I AM actually typing and you ARE looking at my words. Just wanna let you guys know that everything in Uni is just fine.OOpes,teacher's here,gotta go. Blog later. ;D

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh Snap!

Hey hey humans.Sorry that I haven't been bloggin' lately (more like for months,I know,sorry.). Well now that I think about it,nobody is gonna read this anyway.So what if I blog or not,it'll still be the same,no? Even if I blogged,you can't make head or tails with it anyway(blame my ADD.),ain't it so? But,I'll still try to continue blogging about rubbish that doesn't really matter,stupid opinions which makes you twitch and bitter sweet memories that scared my life as deep as my IQ (Oh yes,"deep"'s hot!).

Anyway,put those aside and talk about something more..ugh,serious? Ha,THAT coming out of my mouth is just wrong. How long have I talk not about serious stuff? Anything that came out from my mouth were 50% jokes,25% stupidity,17% scarcas and 8% seriousness.Which I fail at both jokes and scarcas. Yes,don't remind me.Sorry,ADD again.

Oh about what I wanna talk about.

Well,actually I wanna talk about ambitions but it seems like such a sad topic to talk about.So I think I'll leave that to the next round.Lets talk about something more sociable,something that is related to friendship,cause I'm a teenager and I have issues,boo hoo.

I'm still wonderin' that is this a SENSITIVE thing to talk about,next to religious issue? not that serious,right? lose some friends,earn some friends-It's like the circle of life. Obviously earning is better than losing. If you say that you didn't lose (err,not lost in dying,I meant lost though fighting or even being a part when you didn't even realise it) a friend in your whole life than I would either give you a gold plated trophy with "Besties-for-ever-long-lasting-friends" labeled up front or the biggest lie of the century dump. Admit it,you did hurt someone in your life that you didn't even wanna face them.If you didn't,if you REALLY REALLY didn't experience this in the slightest way before than congrats! Even I,the anti-social one,have experienced this,it's a sad feeling,undoubtedly.

Well,let me share something with you.I have been in a fight before (note that this was a long time ago,a long long time ago.) with a friend of mine and I still regret it until today that I didn't get a chance to say I was sorry.She was counted as my first friend though,a precious friend indeed.But with a stupid argument which I don't even remember how it was started,it ended everything that was between us...


Things like texting in tuition,sitting together in class and passing letters giggling along with the contents were just all gone without a sound.AND it started with a stupid comment that I made.With that,I know that I was wrong but I fail to apologise which still stings me now even after years have passed me by,creeping and eating up my youth slowly.After that incident,I made a absolutely stupid choice,avoiding it.Never did I look at her in the eyes after that-It's a move of a coward,don't you think I know? The whole situation was full of hate and despise-it kills,it really does.Pride gets the best of me.Every time when I wanna apologise,my tongue tied in knots and my whole body just froze,stood there like a stone.It sucks to be my courage.In the end,it just left there,like we don't even know each other.Maybe that's the best way or maybe not.Who knows? If I didn't have that argument,I wouldn't have met the great friends that I have now,right? But still,I'm regretting every moment of it.

Wow,ain't that emotional? not really.

So friends,don't let a word stop you from building up something as beautiful as friendship.Arguments and hate,it's not worth it.

p/s -I know that this post sounds cheesy,maybe I'm trying to hint something or maybe I'm not or maybe I am or probably not. HA.Would you hate me for this?

p/p/s -You will never know who the person is though,I don't think that anyone know her.

p/p/p/s-sorry about the dead content and awful lines.My British is sucks.

Till next time,cheers.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hey all~! Here's a picture that I drew from 1.ooAM till 3.55AM yesterday..=.=;;

Sorry for the awful shadings and the disturbing theme.I wanted to draw something which I felt at the moment and this is what I felt at that moment, aha.It seems that there are many humans around me are not really being themselves.They are always hiding their true feelings behind a mask, it's like they're living a double life or they're treating different people with a different attitude.The inspiration came to me after our (*cough* you know who you are *cough*) long talk yesterday.I felt that it's both pitiful and evil of them to do so,because they are hurting themselves and the people around them as well,don't you think this is selfish and cruel too? The coldness of their expressions reminds me on the Chinese mask theater (I have no idea what they are called.) ,which they kept on changing their mask every split second and you'll see the performer's real face at the end of the show. Sorry if the message that I wanna present didn't go through the picture,it's not strong enough.I just wanna draw something for the sake of drawing, cause I missed it.

Well, on a happy note, here's a random picture of the post~!

lolz! add another "e" at the back and it becomes "negative"..~! Don't get me wrong,I LOVE Vitagen~!

Till next time! byes~!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Intro and updates

Oh yeah! 3rd blog post in one day!
Now, let me introduce to you....
INSTANT BIRD'S NEST!! lolzzz..they have instant for everything now! Noodles,soup,bao and now, bird's nest?? Maybe I'm the one who is out (ketinggalan zaman), but still, I'm seriously amazed by this. lolz.My mum got this through a wedding,they gave this as a gift for the people who attended.Free ya know?! whao..
I got the chance to try it and I have to admit, it ain't half bad.Taste like jelly, maybe I'm the one who forgotten how bird's nest taste like.Hmm...yeah, it's me, not the product.
Other than that, have you tried this before??
lolz, thanks to my big sister who introduce it to me! it's really nice when it's eaten with milk,a little soggy but still crunchy on the outside. And it keeps me full and healthy,lolz. Since it's made from whole grain.
Anyway, have you seen my "Little Corner" ? lolz, cute not?
Complete with Original English manga (Rurouni Kenshin,D.Gray Man,Loveless and Millennium Snow), books (Speed reading, Caramella-by kiDChan,Kunisaki,Toonikun and other awesome DA artist collab),my Alice's Adventures in Wonderland collection,William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", soundtrack CDs (D.Gray Man and Death Note), some anime figurines, old-school McD paper bag, miniatures, "big-head-shot stickers" , Zemotion's work(her signature is at the back,HEHEHE) , cute-sie sticker given by May Fong ( thanks =D) , my "bubblegum" bank, anime puzzle and some memorable stuff ( I stole the lantern from last moon cake festival, hehehe).

I bought the transparent box thing-i from Daiso by the way. =D and thanks Yi Ting for the miniature SPA. lolz!
It just kept on going when I have pictures doesn't it? lookie at CHINA iPHONE!!'s actually still ok lar,I tried to use it for a little while.Reminded me on one of XiaXue's post.ROFL.


Oh,and I'm using this product at the moment,I told my friends about it,but they don't really know what brand is it.So,here is it. it's "Seikisho from KOSE" .

I have to cough out RM50 for this, my sis paid Rm7 for me,thanks ya~ it's really good, for me lar.So,I'm recommending it for people who can't stand their mum or sister nagging about how dirty their face is or what not. Since I'm using it, you guys can treat me as an experimental puppy using the product. =D
hey,I got no pictures no more. D=
So, I'll stop here than. Random picture for the post...


LOLZ...Till next time~ Byes..=D

Random Good Nights~ most of my friends (yeah, you know who you are) received my random Good Night msg, saying

"Good Nite! Have a great day tomorrow!"
Yeah, I haven't send that to you guys in ages already right? I think I started it last year,when my friends leave Malacca for their further studies. I usually send it to people whom I haven't seen or talked in a while but this time, I widen my scope and send it to SOME of my MHS friends..=D (sorry if ya didn't received it,I'll send it next time..XD )
These are the replies that I've received,
Mochi : Haha so random! Gud nite!
: Haha true! sleep tight little bunny~
(wows, you're the first one to reply me!!)
Melissa :Pui pui thanks T.T I really need tht.Going 2 bcum crazy adi.
(than convo starts, gambatte ne my chiwawa!!)
Sexy Bro : Er, yesh little banana, gnite~!
Graham : huh? @.@
Siou Wen : Huh? Y sud say gud nyt to me?
Papa : That was random.Good nite stupid kid.Papa dun misses u.Nite.(awww...sure you do!XD)
: And you are not suppose to go to bed that early. ( it was 11.09pm..O.O;;)
Betsy : Ok.....U too o.O
Suat Yen :Good night! Haha...see you 2moro.
Tong : **cute msg sayin good nite,thanks!**
Connie : Why suddenly send good night? Did u send to wrong person?
lolz..yarr..these are some replies I got.I don't know about you but saying and receiving good nights and byes makes me happy. XD (I'm easily amused..=.=;;)
Oh yar,May Fong and Yi Ting too asked why I suddenly message them good night, lolz. You guys really thought that I send it to the wrong person didn't you? LOLz...anyway, it's just something random I did to put a smile on your face (if it bothers or troubled you,than sorry har) and to look forward for another day..=D
Well,that's all I guess,till next time~ byes..=D

lookie what I bought!

Hey all..~! DAISO Japan had just opened in Dataran Phalawan,Malacca and it was AWESOME!Awesomeness I tell ya! lolz~ lookie at what I got from Daiso.

Yeah, just some random pretty Japanese pattern type patchworks and oh? What is that?

COVER BUTTONS?? Yesh, cover buttons. It's a tool to customised and make your own pattern button! neat huh? Or am I the only one who think that's neat?heh. ('s not impulse buying...swt.)

Anyway, the steps on making your own cover button is easier than 1, 2, 3! Look! Tutorials at the back,they even have it in English.

You need : Cloth, button shell [the tippy top in the picture], punch(bottom) [the white colour plastic thing-i beside the cloth],punch(top) [the blue colour cylinder above the cloth], and the back side button [located above the punch(bottom)]. They give weird names don't they? @-@;;

Step 1: Cut the cloth, I estimated it.Why? Cause I'm too lazy to follow the one which they gave at the back.If you really want to follow it,the diameter of the circle they gave is 3.9cm.By the way, mine is medium size. Place the cloth on the punch(bottom).

Step 2 : Place the shell into the punch. Tidy up the sides.
Step 3 : Put a back side button on the white colour punch, adjust everything and put them neatly in place.
Step 4 : put the blue colour punch at the back and push downwards.

Step 5 : Push out the button from the white colour punch and THA-DA! it's done~!!
Easy huh?? and it looks great on patterned cloths! and if you don't want that pattern anymore,you could always open it up and use another pattern cloth for it.It's quite tight though but it could be done..XD
anyway, I'm gonna prove you wrong Pochi! Not all items from Daiso are made in China and Korea. This one is made in USA!! LOLZ..XD
Well, till next time~ An advance sorry for random posting, will post something serious later, hopefully.

Friday, February 27, 2009

err? random thoughts?

Comparisons are easily done,
Once you had a taste of perfection.

-Katy Perry ( Thinking of You )

Aww..isn't that just sweet? I love song quotations.I had an idea on using parts of songs to do an essay or a poem,which ain't gonna work,cause me British ish bad..D= (and *cough* ain't it against copyrights? )

No more mistakes,
Cause in your eyes I'd like to stay.
-Katy Perry ( Thinking of You )

I always repeat the lyrics or quote in my head and picture the scene when I get the chance to use them.(which is most probably never I guess..=/ )

How do I get closer to you,
when you keep it all on mute.
How would I know,
the right way to love you.
-Katy Perry ( Mannequin ) I'm such a Katy Perry lyrics addict~ 8D

Don't all of us have a favourite song quote? lolz..share it..XD
p/s - can't you see that I'm trying my best to update? D=

@ the moment.
Well,nothing new here,I guess. Same old,same old.

Really, I guess. Seriously, I think. I'm sure of it, maybe.

Hey actually, I do have something to say(wow,that's rare!). Why social problems around me built up so dramatically ever since I entered F6? Shouldn't it be less? Since we owned the title of "young adults" now,shouldn't our mind be much more mature than before? By the way,I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. Just that it annoys me whenever I think that my friend is suffering from social problems,which is the "in" thing now.I heard gossips about it, heard it from the "victims" themselves and even witness it with my own two eyes. To me, it all links down to this,
"eat too full, nothing better to do."
Seriously my friends, all of these misunderstandings,chaos and back-stabbing should stop by now.These hating and doubting are killing each other, don't you think so? So, take down that freaking mask of yours and as what Russell Peters said "Be a man,and doooo the right thing." =D Cause it's stupid and cliche to see the same thing happen twice~

Oh and by the way,I don't take sides. Never a fan of it.

p/s - Oh gosh,this came out quite "pantai-ish" didn't it?ROFL. Didn't mean to do it THAT way,oh well.

Other than that,the first monthly test is coming up (darns..DX). It's only gonna be a 2 days test for 5 subjects.I would rather have it for 3 days than to cram everything one shot!Rawr. This school is really driving me up the wall, they are making everyone the same,no individuality! argggggg!! We can't even choose our own rapping paper for our own table for pity's sake!! What are we? Primary school students? We are certainly being treated as one.Zzzzz. Whatever,these problems are just a speck of dust in my life,nothing to take concern about.Zzzzzzz.Besides,let's think positively, it's a school anyway,which have rules and it builds up their (so called) discipline.Their first thing to do is to make every body the same because it looks clean and neat.

. . .

Why am I agreeing and disagreeing with myself? SWEAT.... okies? I don't even know where this blog post is going now,odd indeed.I guess I'll stop here before I blurt out more rubbish. So,till next time..=D byes~